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BIBLE STUDY: The New Testament Believer and the Commandments of God

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HalleluYah Fellowship is a non-denominational fellowship of Torah-obedient believers in Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) located in Jenks, Oklahoma (southwest of Tulsa). Our assembly features dynamic praise & worship led by ministers and musicians Jim and Connie King, a time of prayer, then after a refreshment break, a Bible lesson taught by leader and teacher Jim King, looking at Scripture to learn more about how Yahweh, the God of Israel, wants us to live and relate to Him according to the entire Bible - not just the Newer Testament. We believe and teach the message of salvation by grace through faith in Yahshua and repentance from sin (defined in Scripture as disobeying Yahweh's commandments in the Torah - 1 John 3:4) and that the proper expression of our faith is to do our best to obey His commandments. We study Scripture from a Hebraic perspective as we try to live in obedience to Yahweh in order to show our love for Him and to more fully experience His blessings and rewards both in this life and in His future eternal Kingdom. After the Bible lesson there is a pot-luck meal (no pork or seafood, please) followed by a group discussion (midrash) for all who wish to stay and participate.

Come and study the Hebrew Roots of our faith with us and learn how biblical faith was intended to be understood and practiced!

Join us for worship and Jim's teaching from both the Torah AND the Apostolic Scriptures (Newer Testament) each Sabbath!

Time and Place of our Weekly Assembly:

1:00 P.M. each Sabbath (Saturday) for worship and Bible teaching at 223 E. 117th Street in Jenks, Oklahoma. Click on the Directions link at the left for directions.
Please come to the building behind/next to our home. There are no fences or pets and it is all paved. Wheelchair accessible.

Contact us:

telephone: (918) 298-5464
email: jamesdking@cox.net
mailing address: 223 E. 117th St., Jenks, OK 74037