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Eddie Chumney ONE DAY ONLY!
2:00 pm this Sunday, October 15, 2017
Topic: "God's Prophetic Time Clock"

HalleluYah Messianic Fellowship invites you to come hear Eddie Chumney of Hebraic Heritage Ministries International at 2:00 pm this Sunday, October 15, . This is a rare opportunity to hear one of the best Bible teachers in the world and gain deeper spiritual insights from him. See below for more info about Eddie.

HalleluYah Messianic Fellowship
223 E. 117th Street South, Jenks, OK 74037
(918) 640-4989

Eddie Chumney is the founder of Hebraic Heritage Ministries International. Eddie is a leading national and international speaker on the Hebraic Roots of Christianity. He is recognized as one of the most brilliant scholars in Hebraic studies you will ever hear. He inspires and motivates believers to more intense and devoted study of the Word of God like few men can do. 

Eddie was raised in traditional Sunday Protestant churches since the age of 5. When he was 16, God put a desire in his heart to study Bible prophecy and the end of days. Originally, he studied Bible prophecy from a traditional evangelical point of view in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

In 1989, Eddie began to study the Biblical Festivals. This began his journey on studying the Hebraic roots of Christianity. In 1994, Eddie learned how it is the redemptive plan of the God of Israel to gather and unite the 12 tribes of Israel in the end of days.

From his studies, the God of Israel put upon Eddie's heart to start Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int'l in 1995. After learning about the Biblical Festivals and the two houses of Israel, Eddie began to learn and teach Bible prophecy from a Hebraic point of view.

Eddie teaches believers in Yeshua / Jesus as the Messiah how to express their faith in Him by following His Torah. In doing so, Eddie seeks to help prepare the Bride of the Messiah for her wedding with her heavenly Bridegroom.

Eddie has written several books including The Seven Festivals of the Messiah, Who is the Bride of Christ? and Restoring the Two Houses of Israel. Eddie gives a weekly news prophetic update each week (the 'famous 5 minute update') while teaching the Hebraic roots of Christianity each week through PalTalk. His website is